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Cart Abandonment on Shopify (How to Save the Sale!)

Trying to figure out the best way to handle Shopify email marketing? Maybe your trying to decide whether to set up a cart abandonment email through Shopify or one of the many abandoned cart tools you can find in the Shopify app store.

In this video, we'll walk through my 5 top tips to help you create a killer cart abandon email for your Shopify store to help you save the sale. With these tips you'll be sure to see your cart abandon recovery rates skyrocket!

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What does it mean to have an abandoned cart?

First things first, if you're not familiar with what it means to have an abandoned cart in your Shopify store, or in any online store for that matter, whether you're selling on Squarespace or WordPress -

An abandoned cart is when a customer comes to your website, they browse your products, they add something to their cart and then for one reason or another, maybe they get distracted or maybe they didn't have their credit card, for one reason or another they don't complete the sale.

This is something that happens regardless of how great your shop is or how beautiful your pictures of your product descriptions. It's just part of selling online and thankfully, there are strategies you can put in place to try to recover a high percentage of your abandoned carts.

Something to keep in mind the average e-commerce conversion rate is only 1% and that means that for every hundred customers who come to your store, 99% more than likely aren't going to buy.

So you're probably only going to have one buyer on average out of that 100 but there are ways to increase that conversion rate and get more of those 99 potential customers to buy and one of the ways to do it is with a really good cart abandonment email series.

With a cart abandonment email series inside your Shopify store, the goal is to get back in front of that customer who was on your website - loving your products, so excited to buy and then, whoops, something happened and the sale fell off so we want to get back in their email inbox and say "Hey, remember us? We're excited for you to be our customer. Come on back, make that purchase and let's get started getting your product out into your hands."

How to create a high converting cart abandonment email series

Let's jump in to my 5 top tips to help you create your killer cart abandonment series.

#1 - Don't be afraid to send multiple cart abandon emails to stay top of mind

It can be so tempting, especially with the way that Shopify is set up, to just send one cart abandonment email and cross our fingers that that one email will do the trick (and in some cases it definitely will) but ideally you want to remind your customer multiple times over the course of a few days to come back and complete their purchase.

Worried that might be overkill or you might annoy them? Keep in mind that today's consumer has an email inbox that's overflowing with emails - just think about how many emails you probably get in a day, it's probably more than you could possibly read - so if we're only sending one email the likelihood that our one email is going to get lost in someone's inbox is really high.

And if you're customer doesn't see the email or they can't find it when they want it, they can't click through and buy to the item they loved. So we want to spread out our communication over the course of a few days and remind them of who we are and what they loved in each email.

Your serious should be at least two emails, ideally 3 if you have an email service service provider that can support sending a series of three. And in a perfect world, that first email would go out an hour after your customer abandons their cart.

That way, if all that happened is they got momentarily distracted or they didn't have their credit card, within a quick window we get back in front of them and they can complete that purchase.

The next email is should go out a day later and then you can send the third email a day after that - or even a week later depending on what it is you're selling.

Sometimes customers just need a little bit more time to think through the product they're purchasing, especially if your product is a higher ticket item and it can take a little longer to make that sale or if you're selling nursery decor like I am that's personalized.

Sometimes my customers aren't quite sure what the name is yet or they aren't quite sure what colors the nursery is going to be so while they love the products, they're not ready right that second to commit.

Sending that last email seven days later can be really helpful because it's given them some more time to look at other options, compare the wall art they loved with other things they were thinking about putting in their nursery and then now, seven days later, their ready to make that purchase and I'm showing up in their inbox saying "here I am, come buy me."

#2 - Have a clear call to action in each cart abandon email

You want to make sure that each email you send has a very clear call to action. Most likely your call to action is going to be something like "Checkout Now" or "Buy now" or "Complete your purchase" since our goal is to get them to come back to the shop and just hit that Buy button.

The only reason you might have a call to action that's slightly different is if what you're selling is a little bit complicated. Let's say you sell handmade furniture and your tables come in a few different sizes and you know that your customers struggle with which size is the right one to fit their space.

In that first email you send, maybe it has a buy now call-to-action and it also has a link to a blog post or it has some tips right in that email to help them make a decision about the size that's best for them.

That would be the only reason to add something in to your cart abandonment emails that's not 100% focused on "buy now."

#3 - Focus on the products your customer left in their cart

This should hopefully be an easy one but ideally, you want to include pictures of the products your customer added to their cart in their cart abandonment email. And the only products you want in there are the products they looked at - don't get them confused and start adding best sellers, don't add in recommendations, just show them the items they were thinking about buying. We want them to be very clear and very focused and we want them to know - these are the right items for them, we stand behind them, we're excited about them and our customer should be excited about them, too.

#4 - Consider adding an extra incentive

This is definitely optional - consider adding a discount or a free shipping offer to your cart abandonment series. Adding one will increase your conversion rate if you choose to and I recommend you added to email number 2 or 3. We don't want to add it to the first email because if all that happened is they got distracted by their four year old or they forgot their credit card, they may not need a discount to complete their purchase with that first email.

Instead, wait until email number two or three and then try and seal the deal with a little extra something to get them to come back and purchase if they haven't already.

#5 - Let your brand's personality shine

Last but not least, don't be afraid to infuse your brand's personality into your emails. I see so many small businesses who just go with the basic template that's set up inside whatever cart abandonment software they choose and my guess is it's because they assume that that software provider really fine-tuned the phrasing inside the email. But more likely, there was just a designer who needed to create a template and so they popped in some language that was pretty neutral and that would work across a variety of businesses.

So take a second and make sure that you're really thinking about the words your customer uses, the things they get excited about and how you can convey that personality in your cart abandonment emails to encourage them and help them feel connected to you so that they're ready make that purchase by the end.

Hopefully those 5 tips helped get your creative juices flowing so you can get out there and create your own killer cart abandonment email series for your Shopify store (or whichever platform you prefer to sell on!)

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