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Why I ditched MailChimp and switched to MailerLite

** Quick disclaimer: I'm an affiliate for MailerLite and I also use it in my product-based business on a daily basis. I truly love it and am only recommending it because it's made email marketing so much easier (and a lot more fun.) If you decide to try them out using my link, I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you. **

If you've been digging around for business tips on Pinterest, you already know that one of the key things you'll need to find is an email service provider. And if you aren't sure what an email service provider is, it's just a company that helps you manage your list and send emails to people who subscribe.

While it would be nice to be able to run your whole business using gmail, they don't have the tools you'll need to be able to:

  • Exclude people who unsubscribe from your list (this is essential -> it's illegal (and rude) to keep emailing people who ask to be removed from your list)
  • Automate some or most of your email marketing
  • Send out pretty newsletters that send shoppers directly to your shop and / or recommend specific products to purchase

For whatever reason (probably really good marketing), MailChimp tends to be the "go to" when you're just getting started and let me tell you, I've tried and tried and tried to like MailChimp. I've tried so hard I have accounts for 3 or 4 different businesses at this point. 

And every time I remember why I just can't use it:

  • Their options to setup an automated series of emails are very limited and this is a MUST HAVE for a busy entrepreneur
  • Creating lists of customers who are interested in different products is a pain in the butt and way to time consumming (they also limit the number of audiences you can create to 3 which doesn't work for me at all)

So, what do I jump back to time and time again?


Are they perfect? Nope. Are they 1000x better (in my opinion) than MailChimp for a poduct based business? YES.

So why do I like them better? For one, they allow me to do all of the things MailChimp doesnt:

Reason #1: I can quickly and easily create lists of customers who have something in common

I currently have 14 different customer groups setup in MailerLite. You read that right, 14. And all of that segmentation happens behind the scenes so while that might sound overwhelming, I'm not doing anything other than setting up a segment once (with specific rules), and then MailerLite automatically funnels in the right people as they join my list.

So let's say I want to remind anyone who downloaded my free Dark Blush print that to head back to the shop to buy a coordinating set of personalized wall art or a matching baby blanket.

MailerLite has already segmented those folks for me so I can write my email and then select just the groups of people who downloaded a print. Easy peasy and super personalized for the people on my list.

I make my subscribers feel seen (because I already know the colors they prefer) and I can do it really quickly - no need to spend an hour looking up who signed up for what and then typing them all in by hand. Yuck.

Reason #2: Creating email automations (a series of emails that go out when someone performs an action) is SO EASY.

If you think I have a lot of customer segments, wait until you see all of my automations. I love love love that I can setup a basic welcome series, duplicate it and slightly tweak it to make it better fit a different sign-up option on my website.

Plus, because I have both an Etsy shop and a Shopify store, for a long time I had separate Welcome Series funneling people who came from Etsy, back to Etsy, and my Shopify sign-ups were sent back to my Shopify site.

Sounds complicated but with MailerLite, all I had to do was duplicate my Etsy Shop Welcome Series and then swap out the links to send people to Shopify instead.

Seriously so easy.

I do the same thing if I'm offering a freebie instead of a discount to sign-up for my email list and because automations are so quick to setup in MailerLite, I can copy and existing series and change out an email or an image to make it fit my new audience in under an hour.

I love that I can customize and offer a more personalized introduction to my brand without spending a crazy amount of time trying to figure out who should get what. 

Besides the things I can't live without, MailerLite also offers all of the "normal" email marketing things:

  • Gorgeous, pre-made templates to help you send pretty emails
  • Email opt-in forms that link directly to an automated email series and / or a customer segment
  • Email pop-ups you can add to any website for easy email sign-ups
  • Clear reporting so you can see if people are opening and clicking through your emails

So, what do you think? Ready to give MailChimp the old heave ho so you can automate with ease using MailerLite?

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